Sync’ up! … without getting drained


Kludge kingdom
Crypto earnings are not passive income
Ten years without Elixir


Old skin for the new ceremony
Value dragons
Bye-bye, Apple
From Vim to Ed
Micrometer & axe
My n-of-one observation of academia
The dismal tech
Startup hook pattern
Less noise with OTP
The saddest script I ever wrote
Future complications
Cshell is punk rock


Yazdani’s criterion
SNI relayd support in 6.6
Chatty design
Berkeley smorgasbord — part II
Nato’s question
No itch to scratch
Goodbye, Joe
Perceiving prospects
The Joy in Csh & Vi
bd, bn, bp, ls, w, e, & me
Google minus


Berkeley smorgasbord
Erlang/OTP on OpenBSD
Everyday crypto
Pulled Kludge Sandwich
Sticky footers in the 21st century
Bend it like gen_statem
For goodness namesake
What is money?
Will the ‘new electricity’ please stand up
Files with Extinct
Lament for search
Juggling & gluing with Extinct


The broth economy
Quaker Oats
Foo bar machines
Inbox-zero via shell mail
Yanni sings
NOTP: a middle way
Five reasons why Heroku is great after all
Sowell on software
Turing’s residuum
Serving Erlang
ikura & nginx
Hot routes with cowboy
Dear mainstream media
Simple slug generator


The unlearning curve
Last resort testing
Just be better than Apple
Prod-to-dev with Mnesia
Hotfix howto
Harsh rules for fine design
OTP releases by hand
Farewell, io:format
Elbowing JavaScript out
Please, kill your darlings
OTP dev-ops
Safe-guarding ikura in Rails
Introducing ikura workers
Litter as marketing
Hot-code burn marks
Goals & frameworks
Sequential living


Pinging Heroku
Erlang beauty
Docker to the rescue
Records in function heads
Why I stopped writing specs
An ikura app — part III
An ikura app — part II
Building an ikura app
Logic makes me hungry